Types of Web hosting you must understand

Web hosting is a service that allows a website to be posted on the web world. The companies who offer web hosting service are called web hosting service provider. However, various types of web hosting service are offered so that clients planning to host their website can select web hosting plan according to their business requirement.

Usually, 4 types of web hosting services are defined by experts. These are Free Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and collocated hosting. Before you select a specific web hosting plan, you need to understand each of its unique facilities.

Free Hosting service

If you are planning to host a website for casual fun and without any business intention, free web hosting is a good plan for you. Mostly domain name seller companies offer free web hosting service. This free hosting environment does not offer professional facilities like faster connection speed, satisfactory uptime, etc. Auto added advertise banner is another hindrance to the comfy user experience.

Shared web hosting service

As implied by the name, shared hosting module offers sharing hosting plan and this plan includes sharing physical server as well as software applications within the server between client and web host service provider.  It is a cost efficient hosting plan no doubt, but mostly slow connection speed is the main interference here.

Dedicated web hosting service

Dedicated web hosting service offers sole ownership of the web server, which results in faster performance, almost 100% up time, and seamless customer support by web hosting provider. This web hosting plan is expensive than shared hosting service and this hosting option demands better security arrangement for website’s protection.

Collocated web hosting service

This is a specialized web hosting plan where you will own your personal server and get it housed at the custody of web host. This module of web hosting service ensures complete control of the client on the web server. The client can install all types of script and applications according to need.

These are the popular web hosting services one can select for his website hosting. Before selecting a scheme, it is extremely important to learn the facilities added to each of these web hosting plans.

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Reason you Should choose Dedicated Hosting

There are numerous hosting solutions to choose but which one suits you best is the crucial decision. Most small businesses and individuals will choose shared hosting and virtual private servers because of its inexpensive features but if the enterprise grows, they strive to jump for dedicated hosting.

Virtual and shared hustings bump into the issue for configuration, running versions and applications for software like PHP, this is where dedicated hosting comes in as seamless solutions.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting refers to a physical ad separate server provided by hosting provider for their exclusive use of the resources. The provider urges to give RAM, CPU and disk space that they need.

Reasons you should choose dedicated Hosting

Server Resources are not shared:

With Dedicated Hosting, you have complete resources of single server, you don’t have to worry about other website blockading up the server’s RAM and CPU. This type of hosting assures you that the spikes in bandwidth and bad scripts running on another server won’t slow your server down.

Higher performance ad Security:

The Dedicated hosting guarantees for maximum uptime for your website, although shared hosting is good option for website with low to medium traffic but if your website receives a lot traffic, dedicated server is suitable with stability and reliability.

This type of server assured you that the space will not be shared with a malicious website rather it allows enhanced security.


A dedicated server is more flexible hosting solutions, customizing the unique needs of clients like for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. With Dedicated hosting, you can choose the platform and software you need with complete control over how the dedicated server is configured.

Unique IP address:

Dedicated server has their own unique IP address. This is really worth when your organisation is large enough or an eCommerce website that requires SSL for credit card processing.

Rapid Deployment:

In most of time, when you purchase a new server, the vendor must configure the hardware first and then you must wait for the server to be shipped and then installing a server in rack can be happened. This could not be the case in dedicated server, when you buy the dedicated hosting, the server may await you to utilize the resources once access has been provisioned.

Comparatively for shared hosting, dedicated hosting is most suitable solutions for growing websites. The dedicated server assures you utilize hardware that is 100% dedicated to the functioning of your organization’s web facing properties.

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How right domain name contribute to business success

Right domain name is like adding an identity to a business, which ultimately turns into a brand name. Therefore you need to choose your domain name with a business insight added so that ultimately it becomes one of the triggers of your business success. However, creating the right domain name has multi-layered advantages:

Search engine perceptive: According to browsing type, mostly people search by keywords and rarely by URL. So keyword integrated URL name can bring better traffic, which can generate quality lead and initiate organic business development.

Popular search engines widely determine SERP by the domain names: therefore relevant and the keyword enriched domain name is the first open secret of business success in terms of pulling traffic and generating leads.

Human memory perceptive: Easy to remember domain names are memory friendly. Traffic can remember the name with the better scale of memory and this memory integration leads to success for the brand establishment. Ideally, a domain name with an easy-to-recognize descriptive element helps human users to remember the name with better efficiency. For a natural reason, if the domain name can be tied up to website content, it yields a better result.

Efficient in business perceptive:

Other than online businesses, having a business website is indeed adding more credibility to a business. A website offers instant global exposure to a business that helps in excellent business exposure. A business website can add outstanding social identity as well as credibility, and business professionalism. A domain name that relates a business and its activity is a great assertion for consumers that they are dealing with a responsible business brand. The right and relevant domain name help in the brand establishment of a business and that makes the business successful from the point of publicity.

These are the reasons behind investing time and research for finding the most suitable domain name for a business. Ultimately, the investment brings good result in digital marketing and brand management of a company and its business thereby we recommend checking domain availability before finalizing any domain. Once the brand gets established in the consumer market, it helps in paving success for the same.

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Tips to choose the Hosting Company for your business

Hosting is one of the most important factors when you have launched or going to start your online business. In an online business setting, consistent and quality web presence is extremely important and there hosting plays an important role. Unless a quality and standard hosting scheme is selected, it may badly affect website quality, ranking, and maintenance demand. Before selecting a web hosting plan, check these factors to decide the best option available for you.

Go for the most reputable one

It is utmost safe and extremely wise to select a reputable web hosting company that provides amicable web hosting solutions to make the website actually big. Web hosting companies like Hostingsafety, BlueHost, Godaddy, etc. offer excellent web hosting solutions that will help your websites to get quality services.

Before finalizing the hosting, it is wise to check the professional reputation of the company. Unless the service provider is competent enough, it is not wise to select the hosting options.

Check for the customer support

A good web hosting company will offer you excellent customer care support. In case of any technical difficulty customer care support helps a lot to fight the anomaly. Check with other users about the standard of customer care support your shortlisted web hosting company offers.

Go for the company that gives you best deal

A web hosting package includes lots of technical details like building the website, minimum storage space, bandwidth, SMTP mail services etc. Before signing the hosting deal, you need to check if the company is offering you the deals that will serve your all technical needs.

Comparison shopping is the best way to get the best deals before you finalize. Take multiple quotes from different web hosting companies and the best offer should get most priority. You best deal is not the offer that gives you lowest quote but the offer that includes all services you want at an affordable cost.

These are the points you need to check before finalizing your web hosting solution. Let us know what your requirements are, we help you get it done soon.

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Domain Registration Company in India

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What is the difference between the VPS hosting and the dedicated server?

Any reputable web hosting company in India will offer two types of web hosting option for its clients. These two are VPS hosting and the dedicated server. Only by knowing their difference you will be able to select the best option for you.

What is the difference between the VPS hosting and the dedicated server

VPS stands for a virtual private server (VPS). Technically, it is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service provider. A VPS runs its own copy of Operating System, and customers can enjoy superuser-level access to OS instance, so they can install almost all type of software that runs on it.VPS hosting in India is quite popular in terms of maintaining privacy and data encryption privilege.

A dedicated server is the leased server for a client for his exclusive use and not shared with anybody else. Under this dedicated server, the operating clients can select preferred OS, hardware, etc. These bare fastest web hosting, however, lower performing dedicated servers may not perform at par.

Scope of customization

The scope of customization is better with dedicated servers. Not all VPS hosting providers give their customers CARTE BLANCHE to install and run the additional software, a few high paid ones offer some scope of customization. But with dedicated hosting services customers can enjoy their complete liberty of using software etc.In short, dedicated servers can run anything that their hardware can handle.

Sharing vs. Monopoly control

With VPS, CLIENTS will have access to more resources, higher performance, better freedom that basic sharing hosting, to a large extent more flexibility, but ultimately the main part is sharing the machine. But with the dedicated server, a client can use the server exclusively for his own use and by any means, ISP will not complain about slowing down other customer’s internet speed.

Are you dwindling between VPS hosting and dedicated server options in India? If yes, contact an authentic Web Hosting Company in India and discuss with them your hosting options. It will help you to understand and to take the right decision according to your budget.