Most common FAQs for SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is the standard security-oriented technology for configuring an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link empowers the privacy of all data passed between browser and web server. This certificate empowers a web server to generate an SSL connection. It is the symbol of authentication: consumers will feel more confident about a website’s business integrity in providing identity information, credit card information, or confidential records.

Why SSL certificate is needed?

It ensures encrypted virtual protection for personal identity-related information. Use of this certificate assures 3-way advantages. These are:

  • The website ensures authenticity of its identity,
  • It is guaranteed that data sent or received cannot be intercepted,
  • Data sent and received cannot be forged.

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Why documentation is required when I apply for a certificate?

It is important to submit some documents to get the certificate. Before getting a website security certificate, the authority has to validate if the identity of the applicant is the genuine and legally accountable entity. Documentation helps in understanding the legitimate purpose of the business.

The SSL protocol encrypts the domain name when a security session is being recognized. If multiple websites are hosted each with their individual SSL Certificate on the same web server, each website should have a unique IP to make sure that the web server recognizes.


  • These are compatible with all web browsers.
  • These certificates are not upgradable: if more secured certificate is required, it can be purchased and then that has to be installed on the web server in place of old certificate.
  • It is not complicated to install an SSL certificate. You need to install a few steps only.

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