Aspects of fast web server

Doesn’t matter how striking your site is, your website page speed is critical to success.

Well, if you think from business prospective there is nothing more desperatethan choosing and going with a low speed server. A slow speed web server  will drain away all your customers and can greatly obstruct scene of any new potential customers getting inclined or attached to your business.


Why do you really need faster web server?

If your hosting server is low then absolutely it will have an effect your website, often the slower website has high bounce rate with poor sales. A number of studies have proven that the average visitors will leave your website if it does not become accessible in 3 seconds. That fails in first impression of your website.

And in other hand, Fast web server is important for the SEO Rankings of your website which creates an urge of good hosting plans.

Whattypes of hosting plans assist the fast server?

You should also be attentive and cautious when there is a need to upgrade your server.  If your business activity involves with high traffic activity then you can’t expect good sales, good ranking with website traffic with a shared hosting.

If you are thinking to host a high traffic website, then Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers are the best options for huge amount of space and fast server.

You should also look at the quality of your web hosting company and web server itself to get a fast server and it benefits.

Quality of Web Hosting & depend on Bandwidth

 If your business is small, a shared hosting plan with the cheapest web host can be recommended. You should expect the host to squeeze in as many accounts as possible onto the server.

InVPS, you just to see the improvement in load times, A VPS can be thought of as a meet-in-the-middle between shared hosting and a full dedicated server. Less accountis put on each server, so you’ll usually experience faster page load times, whilst paying a fraction of the cost incurred by a dedicated server.

If your business is big one or Ecommerce, you must go for dedicated hosting. It helps you get fast speed, plentiful space and further authority with extra control and fastest server. it enhances the website performance and bring excessive revenue in your business.


In order to succeed in online world, you must have fast loading website to impress the customers towards your business.  Thereby it is essential to choose the best website hosting company like hostingsafety, to get all outstanding and secured services.


Most Common FAQs for Dedicated Hosting

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What is dedicated hosting

As the name implied, dedicated hosting is an exclusive type of internet hosting in which the user hires a full server under monopoly control. This is a more flexi web hosting option than shared hosting as the user gets complete control on server  management including the preference over operating system, used hardware, dedicated customer care, etc.

What are the features?

There are several features of dedicated web hosting that has made the option most user-friendly. Some of the most deserving features are:

What does Customized Features mean in dedicated server?

Dedicated web hosting service offers customized features for unique and seamless user experience. As the web hosting configuration is a single one, it is easy to use. As a result this kind of hosting can accommodate high level of traffic. Web hosting companies provide all the latest tools for making the user experience.

What about High level of Security and Dependability?

Dedicated servers offer real time monitoring and hi-level security support in order to promise that info sent and shared virtually are safe and encrypted every time.

How I can be confident about Quality customer support?

Companies offering dedicated servers take best care of their exclusive customers and offer best support by recruiting highly trained and competent professionals so that all sorts of technical assistance for website maintenance can be offered.

What about 100% devoted customized support?

In module of dedicated hosting customers’ all servers’ resources are utilized for customers. This indicates that the website will never be affected by any other site and will always be completely utilized by web hosting clients. The users will get access to the Cpanel of web hosting company for issuing admin jobs.

What about uptime and monitoring?

Dedicated web hosting providers ensures best and uninterrupted server up-time; in case there is issue in continuance, the hosting provider will offer immediate solution 24×7 modules.

Dedicated server as High-tech global network:

One of the best conveniences of dedicated web hosting services is the privilege of getting connected with superior bandwidth and pace, whenever and wherever needed. This ensures consistent presence of the website for better brand management.

Most common FAQs for SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is the standard security-oriented technology for configuring an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link empowers the privacy of all data passed between browser and web server. This certificate empowers a web server to generate an SSL connection. It is the symbol of authentication: consumers will feel more confident about a website’s business integrity in providing identity information, credit card information, or confidential records.

Why SSL certificate is needed?

It ensures encrypted virtual protection for personal identity-related information. Use of this certificate assures 3-way advantages. These are:

  • The website ensures authenticity of its identity,
  • It is guaranteed that data sent or received cannot be intercepted,
  • Data sent and received cannot be forged.

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Why documentation is required when I apply for a certificate?

It is important to submit some documents to get the certificate. Before getting a website security certificate, the authority has to validate if the identity of the applicant is the genuine and legally accountable entity. Documentation helps in understanding the legitimate purpose of the business.

The SSL protocol encrypts the domain name when a security session is being recognized. If multiple websites are hosted each with their individual SSL Certificate on the same web server, each website should have a unique IP to make sure that the web server recognizes.


  • These are compatible with all web browsers.
  • These certificates are not upgradable: if more secured certificate is required, it can be purchased and then that has to be installed on the web server in place of old certificate.
  • It is not complicated to install an SSL certificate. You need to install a few steps only.

Check out the different types of SSL and pricesHostingsafety offers.

What are the different types of SSL

The number of organisation with SSL Certificate has increased intensely. Creating and enhancing trust (and assurance of confidentiality) among online visitors is as important as providing them quality service, this is where SSL come into picture.

Key Terms of SSL to know:

SSL: Secured Sockets Layer

EV: Extended Validation

CA: Certificate Authority

CSR: Certificate signing Request

DV: Domain Validation

Types of Website Security Certificate (SSL) is divided on following basis.

  1. Validation Level
  2. Number of secured domain / subdomains

1) Validation Level:

  • Domain Validation: validation is done by adding DNS record or by using email
  • Organisation validation: Validation is done using domain ownership and information from public databases
  • Extended Validation: It involves with strict authentication process for the website where transaction is happening and displays on the browser bar.

2) Number of secured domain / subdomains

  • Single Name SSL Certificate: This type of SSL secure only a single hostname. For instance, if you secure, you will be not able to secure
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate: Using this type of SSL, you can secure unlimited sub domains of a domain. For instance, having Wildcard SSL for enable me to secure and but it will not secure Sub.
  • Multi Domain SSL Certificate: This type of certificate secures all different domain and sub domains.
  • Unified Communication Certificate (UCC): This Certificate allows you to secure upto domains. This has specifically designed to secure Microsoft Exchange and office communications environments.

Trusted Websites to buy SSL Certificate

  1. Geotrust
  2. Hostingsafety
  3. Let’s encrypt
  4. CheapSSL Security
  5. Trustwave

You can learn more about advantages of SSL here. Stay tuned to know more

Things to consider while selecting a domain name

Selecting a domain name is crucial for branding in online world, you need to perform in depth research to choose an effective domain name because the domain name is your business identity in online.

Why Domain name is important:There are basically two reasons

  • Branding: The right domain name increase the brand reorganization.
  • First Impression: A good domain name can make a positive and lasting impression.

So, how do you choose the right domain name

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Brand able over Generic:

A brandble domain name is sole and stand out from the competition, while generic domain name is usually stuffed with texts and long, it’s unmemorable.

For example: Do you know, ,  probably don’t know, right? These are the generic, Behalf of those domain names you can choose the “” how awesome it is. Plus variants of the word “INSURANCE” will increase the competitions.

Creative and brandble domains are always better than generic.

Keep It Concise:

In order to succeed in digital era, you need to keep your audience’s attention towards your business. So construct your domain name carefully that will help you get straight to your point in a way your audience can easily grasp.

According to research from, a magazine for entrepreneurs, the top-10 websites have approximately 6 characters in their domain name. So It is always advisable that you should keep your domain name concise.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers:

Your domain should be easy to spell and pronounce? Fine Hyphens and numbers make both of these things more difficult.

Have you seen the new site like flip-kart? There is a hyphen between the ‘flip’ and the ‘cart’. And in same sense, Flipcart may not have spread so quickly if that was in that case.

So your domain name should be smooth and punchy.

Tie it to your Brand Image:

Use the domain name as a way that it highlights your brands image, focusing on those keywords that describe your business and memorable to your audience.

 Use the Right Domain Name Extension:

Extensions are suffix such as .com and .net at the end of the web address. According to the research, 95% of domain names have “.com” extension, second is .net and third is “.org”.

Many successful business website has reserve the easy extension like .net , org, com you should always check domain availability and avoid other extensions like “club” “hub” “space” pizza.

 Your domain name e will have noteworthy impact on the success and potential of your website. So, make sure to put some careful thought when choosing your domain name.

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