Reason you Should choose Dedicated Hosting

There are numerous hosting solutions to choose but which one suits you best is the crucial decision. Most small businesses and individuals will choose shared hosting and virtual private servers because of its inexpensive features but if the enterprise grows, they strive to jump for dedicated hosting.

Virtual and shared hustings bump into the issue for configuration, running versions and applications for software like PHP, this is where dedicated hosting comes in as seamless solutions.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting refers to a physical ad separate server provided by hosting provider for their exclusive use of the resources. The provider urges to give RAM, CPU and disk space that they need.

Reasons you should choose dedicated Hosting

Server Resources are not shared:

With Dedicated Hosting, you have complete resources of single server, you don’t have to worry about other website blockading up the server’s RAM and CPU. This type of hosting assures you that the spikes in bandwidth and bad scripts running on another server won’t slow your server down.

Higher performance ad Security:

The Dedicated hosting guarantees for maximum uptime for your website, although shared hosting is good option for website with low to medium traffic but if your website receives a lot traffic, dedicated server is suitable with stability and reliability.

This type of server assured you that the space will not be shared with a malicious website rather it allows enhanced security.


A dedicated server is more flexible hosting solutions, customizing the unique needs of clients like for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. With Dedicated hosting, you can choose the platform and software you need with complete control over how the dedicated server is configured.

Unique IP address:

Dedicated server has their own unique IP address. This is really worth when your organisation is large enough or an eCommerce website that requires SSL for credit card processing.

Rapid Deployment:

In most of time, when you purchase a new server, the vendor must configure the hardware first and then you must wait for the server to be shipped and then installing a server in rack can be happened. This could not be the case in dedicated server, when you buy the dedicated hosting, the server may await you to utilize the resources once access has been provisioned.

Comparatively for shared hosting, dedicated hosting is most suitable solutions for growing websites. The dedicated server assures you utilize hardware that is 100% dedicated to the functioning of your organization’s web facing properties.

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